Samantha Allen- Special Educator
Samantha Allen Headshot

Samantha has been teaching in VT as a special educator for nine years. She really enjoys working with all types of learners in small school settings. It brings her so much joy to watch young children expand their minds and learn new tricks! She's very excited to have a chance to work and teach in her community. Her hobbies and interests include being a mom to three beautiful children, family time, painting, exercising, running, swimming, organizing community activities, cooking, and yoga.

She can be reached at:

Maria Rodis - Special Education

| Maria was born and raised in Sharon and returned to Vermont in 2018 after almost a decade living in Ohio, Washington D.C., and Austin, TX. She currently lives in Thetford with her partner and her cat, Wolfie. When not teaching, Maria enjoys playing music, baking bread, and spending time outdoors! You can reach Maria at |

Pamela Tower- Special Education at Tunbridge
Pamela Tower headshot

Pamela's first teaching experience was in 4-H as a kid growing up in Western Massachusetts.  She then taught horseback riding lessons for several years.  Many careers later she found herself working with high-needs special education students and knew she needed to return to graduate school.  She worked in Schenectady, NY as a self-contained 3-5 Special Education Teacher for 2 years.  She decided to move to a more rural area and came to Central Vermont in 2011.  She has worked as a Special Education Teacher in Central Vermont elementary schools for 11 years (Northfield and Roxbury).

She enjoys many things, such as dogs, wildlife, reptiles, swimming, kayaking, hiking, biking, canning, food preservation, and motorcycles.

She can be reached at:

Tom Diamond - Paraeducator
Tom Diamond

Mr. D is originally from the Boston area and moved to South Strafford (his wife’s home town) around 35 years ago. For the first half of his adult life, Mr. D worked in the ski business. He went back to school in his forties to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and has worked in schools ever since. He has two grown sons, Michael and Matthew, of whom he is very proud. He is still passionate about playing hockey, a lifetime activity. You can reach Mr. D at

Carrie Cooker - SPED Math Support
Carrie Cooker

Carrie is relatively new to Vermont, having spent most of her life in Cincinnati, Ohio where she taught in elementary school, as well as teaching aerobics at her local YMCA.  She has been a Tunbridge resident for the last 6 years and lives with her husband, cat, dog, rabbits, and chickens.  When not teaching, Carrie enjoys reading, knitting, gardening, and baking. You can reach Carrie at .

Lori Elderd - Paraeducator
Lori Elderd

Ms. Lori is originally from Long Island. She moved to Tunbridge, Vermont in 1988. She began working as a Paraeducator at the Chelsea Public school in 2013.  She has four grown children, three daughters and one son. She  also has a three year old grandson and two cats! She loves spending time at the beach in Maine!

Marty Gratz - paraeducator
Marty Gratz

Marty has worked as a SPED paraeducator in our supervisory for about 30 years. She lives in the village of Chelsea with her dog Bernie and her cat Simon. She has also worked as a landscape gardener, so her two big passions are kids and plants! You can reach Marty at

Casey Knudsen - Paraeducator
Casey Knudsen

Casey has lived in Chelsea her whole life and loves being a part of the community. She is a reliable source of positivity in the school and has a great rapport with her students. She is a fan of the outdoors, particularly the ocean and the stars. She also enjoys photography.

Penny Lewis - Paraeducator
Penny Lewis

Penny grew up in Tunbridge and graduated from South Royalton High School. She is the Mother of 3 and Grandmother of 8. Penny enjoys helping out wherever she is needed, but her main focus is in the Kindergarten room. Penny has been with the school for 27 completed years and into her 28th. Penny’s greatest enjoyment is spending time with her grandchildren. You can reach Penny at

Christian McCrory - Behavior Analyst

Christian is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who began working for the Clara Martin Center in January of 2021. He was previously employed by Washington County Mental Health Services and has been working in the behavioral field since 2010. He serves all schools within the supervisory union, providing consultation, assessment, and direct behavior analytic support. He lives in Randolph with his partner, 2 daughters, and a cat named Bill. You can reach Christian at

Sarah Rogers - Behavioral Specialist

Sarah is a Behavior Specialist that works for Clara Martin Center, within Tunbridge Central School. Sarah grew up in Upstate New York, near Manchester, Vermont. She has over 9 years of experience in Applied Behavior Analysis, working in behavioral clinics, in client’s homes, their communities and their schools. Sarah currently lives in Montpelier, Vermont with her partner, her dog and her cat. She loves to rock climb, sing and act! You can reach Sarah at

Elizabeth Small - Behavior Specialist
Elizabeth Small

Ms. Liz has lived in Vermont most of her life, but before moving to Vermont in 2004 she lived in Gramercy, Louisiana and is originally from San Ramon, California. Ms. Liz loves Vermont winters and enjoys reading, hunting, fishing, snowboarding, and kayaking in her spare time. Ms. Liz is currently working toward licensure to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. You can reach Ms. Liz at

Danielle Whitney - Paraeducator
Danielle Whitney

Ms. Whitney is originally from Vermont. She has been working with children since 2007. She is currently a general education paraprofessional. She is working on getting her licensure in general education. She has a bachelor's in art education. She lives at home with her two sons and husband. Ms. Whitney likes to play sports and paint. Ms. Whitney likes to try to learn something new every day.

Maegan Winters- Paraeducator
Maegan Winters Headshot

Maegan Winters is a recent graduate from the University of Vermont, where she studied English. She'll be working as a paraeducator for FBUD providing reading support. Reading is one of her biggest hobbies. She also loves knitting, skiing, and running.

She can be reached at: